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Japan Alumni Association of Bhutan (JAAB) is an independent civil organization formed by ex-participants of JICA training programs, an entity seperate from JICA but in affilation with and financially supported by JICA


To be a driving association for strengthening and fostering the professional service through synergistic relationship with JICA


1) To promote expert and professional services through competent and trained personal delegating our stakeholder.

2) To cultivate purposeful relationships with JICA through delivering of impactful program

Core Values

Advocacy, collaboration, communication, diversity, excellence, generosity, innovation, and services.

Board Trustees

The board of Trustees, chaired by the President, comprise of Individuals from diverse background, the board will meet thrice in a year to review and direct of implementation of plans and programs. The board member can serve for three years and can be renewed.

Aims and Objectives of JAAB

1) To develope contact with JICA and varios training institutions in Japan with a view to further strengthen the relationship between the people of the two country.

2) Maintain, foster and develop friendship among the members

3) Encourage and exchange deeper understanding of the socio-cultural systems


JAAB, by name itself is an association of the alumni members of JICA funded training. The association consists of:

1) All persons who are undergoing/ participated in seminars/training/studies in Japan or elsewhere under the Technical Cooperation Scheme of JICA.

2) Officials of the Government who have dealt or are dealing with Bilateral, Multilateral or International technical cooperation activities

3) The representatives of JICA who are resonsible for administering the JICA Technical Cooperation Programme

4) Persons who are prepares to patronize the Association within the principles and guidelines of the Association

5) Any other person/ persons co-opted by the General Body who could actively participate in furtherace of the Programme of the Association


The Association is managed by president and the Executive Committee headed by the President, as elected and entrusted by the General Body

The tenure of the President and the Executive Committee memebers is three years. they are responsible for representing the Association, maintaining membership nurturing networks and facilitating communication among members formulating policies and plans implementing programs and activities by mobilizing members, and managing funds and assets of the Association.

Japan Alumni Association of Bhutan

Royal Textile Academy(RTA),Level1
Chubachhu, Thimphu
Contact: 17952677
Email: info@jaab.org.bt

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